If you've ever been:


Cheated on


Dating a narcissist

Dating a manipulator

Forever single...

This is for you!

This astrology book cracks the code to your bad luck in love and teaches you how to transform your destiny!

31 yr old Data Analyst 

My reaction to this book and the inner breakthroughs I've achieved thanks to it? OMG! OMG! OMG! I've been dabbling into astrology for three years now, but this book was an absolute eye-opener! It has a solution-oriented approach unlike many of the readings and courses you come across these days. I've been applying the remedies suggested for about six weeks now and  HUGE changes are already happening! I've managed to re-kindle the connection with my long-term partner in a way I never thought I could! He's so much more considerate of my needs, he started calling me 'his queen' and the compliments I started receiving daily are just something I've been yearning to hear all these years, but never did! Turned out it was all internal self-sabotage that was externalizing in all my relationships! Things at work have also improved and I am literally feeling a lot more cherished and appreciated in all my personal and professional connections. I can't say it enough THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope more people learn about your precious teachings! I am signing up for the course and group coaching, too.

35 yr. old Product Manager

I can't believe the impact your book had on my love life. Having been single for over 6 years, I was looking for answers, and your book provided them. The wisdom you shared in those pages gave me the clarity and confidence I needed. I focused on just TWO of the aspects you talk about in the book and started applying the strategies you teach. Three weeks later I am dating an AMAZING woman, who is waaay out of my league! I also followed your advice to look for my soulmate, based on the 7th house ruler, which is in my 5th house... And I started visiting some group classes in my gym. I can't believe I guttered up the courage to ask her number, but now she tells me I have this magnetic energy she feels so drawn to, and I've never been told that in my life before! I am your huge fan and follower for life, Dawn! I am signing up for all your current and future courses and teachings! It's like a dream come true, and I owe it to your incredible teachings!

29 yr. old Columnist

Wow, your astrology book is a game-changer! I've been single for a while and feeling a bit lost in the dating scene after two devastating break-ups. Your book came into my life like a guiding star although I am a complete beginner in astrology. I understood how and why I was attracting manipulative and unappreciative men into my life. Your practical teachings are refreshing! I started applying your advice, and it's incredible how my approach to love and relationships has transformed. I've become more confident, a lot more aware of the mental patterns that were keeping love away from me. And most importantly - I stopped making compromise as soon as I noticed the red flags coming. I had a few more disastrous dates, but then the magic happened! Three months in and I've met someone special who truly appreciates me. Your teachings have brought love back into my life, and I can't thank you enough.

What's the surefire approach to manifest the loving, committed, harmonious, and passionate relationship you truly deserve?

‍Endless swiping on Tinder?

‍Trying to 'fix' or 'change' your partner?

‍Trying to 'fix' or improve a relationship that doesn't actually make you happy?

‍Getting another Tarot reading?

‍Going on another disastrous blind date?

‍Spending your hard-earned money on a training on how to get your ex back?

If your one desire is to find true love, but instead find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of disappointment, then I have a solution that actually works.

Hack Your Love Aspects -
a deep dive into the subconscious patterns that have been manifesting heart-break into your life.
And THE REMEDIES that will change your life forever.

Imagine finally breaking free from the patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back in love. 

Picture a future where you attract healthy, loving relationships and experience the happiness you deserve. 

With the new level of self-awareness you gain thanks to this in-depth guide, this dream will become a reality.

If you are someone, who yearns to FINALLY break the cycle of heartbreak and start attracting partners, who fill your heart with joy, treating you like the most precious being on Earth, then this is for you!

One-time payment of $47 $27

One-time payment of $47 $27

Try searching Google for 'most difficult love aspects' and you'll see what comes up - a few articles that merely brush on the topic. 

And yet, thousands and thousands of materials on 'How to attract a Taurus', 'How to attract a Leo', etc.

Which strategy do you think works better? Trying to force a relationship with a particular person, or living the BEST version of your authentic self and attracting the HIGHEST MANIFESTATION of your ideal partner?

The latter is what the Hack Your Love Aspects astrology guide helps you do. What sets it apart from other astrology readings is its unparalleled depth and insight into the 20 most challenging astrological aspects that hinder your happiness in love. 

This meticulously crafted guide not only identifies these aspects and describes how they manifest in real life, but goes the extra mile by providing you with remedies and solutions to overcome each and every one of them.

No more generic advice. No more superficial understanding of your astrological influences.  The Hack Your Love Aspects guide dives deep into your personal journey, shedding light on the subconscious patterns and behaviors that have been sabotaging your love life. It's time to break free from the shackles of the past and unlock the potential for true love.

I understand your frustration. 

I know what it's like to constantly attract partners who don't want to commit, who ghost you or even cheat on you. I've personally experienced the pain of being mistreated, both emotionally and physically, in relationships. Like you, I reached a breaking point where I knew it was time to find a way out of this vicious cycle.

Just like you, I yearned for happiness and prayed for a way out of this seemingly endless cycle.

For thirteen long years, I dedicated myself to self-improvement, implemented every Law of Attraction technique out there, and even sought help from therapists – only to find myself repeatedly heartbroken and mistreated. 

 Feeling lost and desperate, I made a life-changing decision. 

I decided to deepen my knowledge in astrology by pursuing an official degree. Little did I know that this powerful knowledge would be the missing piece of the puzzle, revealing the hidden subconscious patterns that had been undermining my every effort to find true love. 

The "Hack Your Love Aspects" is my way of expressing gratitude to the Universe for answering my prayers by making the knowledge I've collected and applied in my own life to others. The Hack Your Love Aspects e-book is your roadmap to transform your own love life. This book is not just another astrology teaching; it's a comprehensive guide that combines astrological insights with practical remedies and strategies. 

It's time to rewrite your love story.

One-time payment of $27

The key to achieving a radical life transformation like I managed to do just six years ago is gaining awareness. 

Only when I understood and accepted the bitter truth about my predisposition to project my dream partner onto liars and cheaters due to my Sun-Neptune opposition in the 7th house and took the necessary measures to change that...

Only when I understood and accepted what my Venus-Saturn opposition and my Moon-Venus square meant about my love life...

Was I able to break free from the self-destructive patterns and find a loving, committed partner, who matched my new level of consciousness.

So simple and yet so powerful!

Understand why you attract partners who don't want to commit.

Why you fall into relationships with those who ghost you or cheat on you.

Discover the underlying reasons behind the emotional and physical abuse you may have endured.

With the Hack Your Love Aspects astrology guide, you'll gain profound insights into your own astrological influences and most importantly - learn how to break free from these destructive cycles.

Let me be clear – "Hack Your Love Aspects" is not a quick fix or a magic potion. 

It's a transformative journey that requires your commitment and dedication. But if you're willing to invest in yourself and apply the remedies and solutions provided, you'll experience a profound shift in your love life. 

Inside "Hack Your Love Aspects," you'll embark on an in-depth examination of the most challenging astrological aspects that hinder your happiness in love. Each aspect is carefully dissected, providing you with a deep understanding of its influence on your relationships. 

But it doesn't end there. I offer you practical remedies and solutions tailored to each aspect, empowering you to overcome them and rewrite your love story.

In  the Hack Your Love Aspects you'll find 109 pages of pure value:

An in-depth examination of the most challenging astrological aspects that hinder your happiness in love. 

Step-by-step remedies and solutions tailored to each aspect, empowering you to overcome them. 

Practical strategies to transform subconscious patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back. 

Insights into your astrological influences and how they shape your love life. 

Guidance on attracting healthy, loving relationships and experiencing the happiness you deserve.


If you're yearning for a deep, meaningful connection and are ready to break free from the chains that have been holding you back, order your copy of this unique astrology guide now.



$99 Value

Since I am truly passionate to help you discover the power of astrology, I am including my Fast Track To Astrology Cheat Sheets as a GIFT to you when you purchase the Hack Your Love Aspects Guide. In the guide itself, I have included instructions on how to use these Cheat Sheets to further speed up your results in overcoming your hard love aspects <3 

34 Printable Cheat-Sheets with the MOST EXHAUSTIVE keyword list for EACH AND EVERY Zodiac Sign, Planet, and House!

You can use these to: 

Learn astrology basics FAST 

Learn the TRUE MEANING of each zodiac sign – both higher and lower manifestation of each sign! 

Quickly and easily check zodiac compatibility (I have included links to free guides on how to do it, using these cheat sheets). 

Easily make simple predictions for yourself and know what to expect each month. 

Gain better self-knowledge that empowers you to overcome weaknesses and strive for the higher manifestation of each of your placements.

Don't let another day go by without taking action. Break free from the limitations of your past and step into your 'happily ever after'. 

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  • How long does it take to see results?
    How fast you start seeing results from the methods I teach is highly individual. It depends on how much inner work you've done so far and how committed you are to implement the remedies and strategies I give you for transforming your inner world.

    As I already explained, this is not a gimmick, promising instant 'miracles'. The manifestation of a BIG DREAM or life goal requires that your inner world perfectly resonates with the high vibrational frequency of this dream. True, pure, dedicated love and loyalty are very high frequency life experiences and in order to reach these frequencies, you will need to go through a significant inner transformation. For some people this means a few months, for others it means a year. It personally took me more than a year to manifest my first big dream with this method.

    Still, even if you do the bare minimum, you will start noticing certain synchronicities and miraculous turn of events within a few weeks of adopting some of the strategies.
  • Do I need to know astrology to benefit from this book?
    You don't need to know any astrology to benefit from this book. If you are brutally honest and recognize your behavior in some of the descriptions, you would be able to benefit from the remedies and strategies I give you for overcoming them.

    Still, it would be beneficial to get your chart and learn which aspects you have. You can easily do this for free here: https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi. You can enter your birth data and then see a list of your aspects. You can then see the meaning of your hard aspects and how to overcome them in the Hack Your Love Aspects Book.